Research Support

The Department encourages students to use their summers to further their academic progress. The Department offers assistance in securing additional financial support for language study and research trips. Aid is available from a variety of sources within the East Asian Studies Department and Program, through the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS) and the Council for the Humanities, and outside the University. 

In addition, the Department, working in conjunction with the East Asian Studies Program and the Graduate School, assists students in securing support for both short-term and long-term professional activities, such as travel to meetings of learned societies to present papers, travel to research libraries within the United States, and long-term travel abroad to conduct dissertation research.

Fellowship support for dissertation research abroad is particularly important. Some programs (such as Fulbright fellowships) are administered through the Graduate School, while others (such as Japan Foundation fellowships) are administered directly by the funding organizations. Deadlines vary, but most fall in the period between August 15 and December 15. In all cases, it is extremely important for the student to develop grant proposals in consultation with the dissertation advisor and other relevant faculty members.

Students who have exhausted their five years of University funding and do not hold other outside fellowships may apply for write-up fellowships from the East Asian Studies Program. The awarding of such fellowships is contingent on the demonstrated progress—typically chapter drafts—toward the completion of the dissertation.