Departmental Faculty

Ajjana Thairungroj
Japanese Literature
7th Year Student
Alyssa Wang
Chinese History
Ph.D. Candidate
Amy Borovoy
Professor of Japanese Anthropology
Andrew Plaks
Professor of East Asian Studies and Comparative Literature, Emeritus
Andrew Watsky
Professor of Art and Archaeology
Director, Program in East Asian Art and Archaeology; director, P.Y. and Kinmay W. Tang Center for East Asian Art
Anna Lovett
Undergraduate Program Administrator
Anna M. Shields
Gordon Wu '58 Professor of Chinese Studies
Chair of the East Asian Studies Department
Antonin Ferré
Japanese Literature
5th Year Student
Atsuko Ueda
Professor of Modern Japanese Literature
Director of Graduate Studies
Austin Hudgins
Chinese History
4th Year Student
Benjamin Elman
Gordon Wu '58 Professor of Chinese Studies, East Asian Studies and History, Emeritus
Bernard Shee
Japanese Literature
Ph.D. Candidate
Brandon Ermita
Technical Support Analyst/Manager
Braulio Romero Bakker
East Asian Studies
Brian Steininger
Associate Professor of Japanese Literature
Bryan Lowe
Assistant Professor of Religion
Chan Yong Bu
Postdoctoral Fellow in East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University
Faculty Advisor: Steven Chung
Cheng-hua Wang
Associate Professor of Art and Archaeology
Chih-p'ing Chou
Professor of East Asian Studies, Emeritus
Christopher Mayo
Professor in Communication, Kōgakkan University (Japan)
Faculty Advisor: Martin Collcutt
Claire Cooper
Visiting Assistant Professor of Modern Asian History, Sewanee The University of the South
Faculty Advisor: Federico Marcon
Dajian You
Japanese Anthropology
1st Year Student
Daniel Burton-Rose
Visiting Assistant Professor, History of Science, Technology, and the Environment, Wake Forest Unviersity
Faculty Advisor: Susan Naquin
David Boyd
Assistant Professor of Japanese, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Faculty Advisor: Atsuko Ueda
David Haemisegger
East Asian Studies
David L. Romney
Washington University in St. Louis: Subject Librarian for East Asian Languages and Cultures
Faculty Advisor: Thomas D. Conlan
Denis Twitchett
Gordon Wu '58 Professor of Chinese Studies, Emeritus
Donna M. Musial-Manners
Manager of Finance and Administration
Dror Weil
Assistant Professor, University of Cambridge
Advisors: Benjamin Elman and Michael Cook
Edelyn H. Lau
Modern Chinese Literature
Elijah Greenstein
Honorary Research Associate & Lecturer, University of British Columbia
Faculty Advisor: Sheldon Garon
Eno Compton
Developer Relations Engineer, Google
Faculty Advisor: Tom Hare
Erin Leigh Brightwell
Associate Professor of Pre-modern Japanese Literature, University of Michigan
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Hare
Esther Sunkyung Klein
Lecturer in Chinese Studies, The University of Sydney
Faculty Advisor: Martin Kern
Fan Wu
Chinese Literature
3rd Year Student
Fang Yan
Lecturer in Chinese Language
Fang-Yen Hsieh
Lecturer in Chinese Language
Federico Marcon
Associate Professor of Early-Modern Japanese History
Felicity Audet
East Asian Studies
Filippo Gradi
Japanese History
6th Year Student
Filippo Ugolini
Chinese Literature
4th Year Student
Frederick Mote
Professor of East Asian Studies, Emeritus
Gian Duri Rominger
Chinese History
7th Year Student
Gilbert Rozman
Musgrave Professor of Sociology, Emeritus
Guangchen Chen
Lecturer in the Council of the Humanities and Comparative Literature. Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow.