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Colloquium: Paize Keulemans -- “Games in Jin Ping Mei and an Early-modern Culture of Literary Play”

Colloquium: Elijah Greenstein -- “Securing Navigation Rights: Japanese Ships in World Shipping, 1893–1914”

Wed, Oct 25, 2017, 12:00 pm

Colloquium: Thomas Hare -- “Lady Eguchi, by Zeami”

Colloquium: Anne Cheng -- "Ornamentalism: A Feminist Theory."

Colloquium: Steve Chung -- "Planned Architectures of Cinematic Realism: Notes on Foreign Non-fiction Film in Colonial Korea"

Colloquium: Martin Kern -- "Introducing Origins of Chinese Political Philosophy: Studies in the Composition and Thought of the Shangshu (Classic of Documents)"