Irony of Postwar Japan

Peace State and National Polity in Japan
Mar 19, 2024, 12:00 pm1:20 pm
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Yutaka Morishima

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The post-war concept of a "Peace State" (平和国家) has become a part of Japan's identity. People with diverse political views use the term to express their own positions. Especially, Left-wing people who against the imperial system(天皇制) like to use this term. However, it was Emperor Shōwa who initially proposed this term. The post-war notion of a "Peace State" originally carried the same meaning as the pre-war concept of "National Polity" (国体) center in Emperor. Over time, the connection between this term and the emperor was forgotten, and this word, which protect imperial system, has been widely used by people who against Japan’s Emperor. In this presentation, I will introduce the process of how this term originated using new sources and discuss why the relationship with the emperor has been forgotten.

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