Graduate Program

The Department of East Asian Studies offers doctoral (Ph.D.) programs in Chinese and Japanese history and literature, Korean Literature, Anthropology of East Asia, and Social and Cultural Study of Contemporary East Asia.

The program has a core faculty of sixteen professors and twenty-two language lecturers and counts on the collaboration of twelve associated faculty in the Departments of Anthropology, Art and Archaeology, Comparative Literature, Politics, Religion, Sociology, and in the School of Public and International Affairs. The richness of class offerings and research interests of the combined faculty of the East Asian Studies Program and Princeton University at large offers students a unique opportunity to pursue training in the most varied fields related to China, Japan, and Korea. Students have the chance of acquiring skills, competences, and theoretical mastery in different disciplines within the humanities, media studies, and the social sciences. Research can be dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in established disciplines or in interdisciplinary form; it can be confined to one country or be transnational; and it can focus on specific time periods (antiquity, medieval, early modern, and modern) or cover wider spans of time.

The Department is an active participant in the Council for the Humanities and the Inter-Disciplinary Doctoral Program in the Humanities.

How to Apply

All applications are submitted through the Graduate School website, which includes complete information on the application requirements and a link to apply online. The application deadline for all students is December 1 of the preceding academic year.

Contact Us

Atsuko Ueda
Professor of Modern Japanese Literature
Director of Graduate Studies
214 Jones Hall
Margo Orlando
Graduate Program Administrator and Assistant to the Chair
Office Phone
211 Jones Hall