Japanese Placement Test FAQ

Who should take the placement test?

If you haven’t studied Japanese either formally or informally in Japan or elsewhere you should definitely take the test.

Do I need to sign up to take the online test?


When and where do I take the placement test?

You can take it anywhere as long as you have access to the internet and can view Chinese characters on your computer. If you are unable to take the test online, please contact Dr. Shinji Sato (ssato@princeton.edu).

What should I do to complete the online placement test?

  • Make sure you have internet access and that your computer can display Chinese characters.
  • Log on to Blackboard. Click on “Japanese Placement Test”.
  • The test includes listening, reading, grammar and kanji tests.

PLEASE NOTE that students whose performance on the online placement test suggests a level of proficiency sufficient to place out of the foreign language requirement must take the oral interview and writing test to verify their listening, speaking, and writing proficiency. As for the speaking and writing test, we will contact you after you take the online placement test.

How much time do I need for the placement test?

It depends on your proficiency level. The higher it is the longer it takes to finish, because the computer will tell you that you should try next higher level if you have cleared each level up to a superior level. The speaking and writing tests will require about one hour.

Is there a fee for the placement test?


What and how should I prepare?

It is strongly suggested that you review whatever textbooks you may have used so far with a focus on grammar and kanji. The placement test isn’t based on any particular textbooks used in basic and intermediate Japanese.

Does the Honor Code apply to the placement test?

Yes. You should finish the test independently. You may NOT receive help form anyone during the test. You may NOT consult dictionaries or grammar reference books. Violation of the honor code may result in inaccurate placement and is likely to cause a delayed and unnecessary re- placement when classes begin.

When can I get the results of the placement test?

You will be informed by email before the fall semester starts.

Will the results of the test apply to my grade or credit record?