Colloquium Speaker Series

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The events are held in person from 12 noon - 1:15pm on Wednesdays. 

If the speaker makes them available before the colloquium, background materials can be downloaded.
Link to presentation download (authenticate with Princeton NetID)

2023-2024 Schedule

Bryan Lowe, Assistant Professor of Religion
“The End of the Silk Road? The Shōsōin in Comparative Perspectives”
Trenton W. Wilson, Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies and History
"Servants of Empire: Labor Management and the Anxiety of 'Working' for the Empire"
Paize Keulemans, Associate Professor of East Asian Studies
“Playing a Literary Game in the Song Dynasty: The Game of Go and the Aesthetics of Autopoesis”
Filippo Gradi, Ph.D. Candidate in East Asian Studies
“The Agitation for Suffrage in Post World War I Japan”
Xin Wen, Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies and History
“Living with the Empire: Social Change in Turfan after the Tang Conquest"
Xiaoyu Xia, Cotsen Fellow of East Asian Studies, Society of Fellows
"Elliptical Poetics, Redaction Marks, and a Transnational History of Modern Chinese Censorship"
Yang Li, Ph.D. Candidate in History of Science
“Making the People’s Pharmacy: Antibiotics and China’s Socialist Transformation 1949–1990”
Junko Yamazaki, Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies
"The Flow of Colonial Violence: Revisiting Ishikarigaw (Ishikari River, 1938-39) and Daichi no samurai (Samurai of the Earth, 1956)"