Culture and Emotion: Pro-Positive versus Balanced Systems of Emotions

Jan. 26, 2021

Date: February 18th, 2021 from 7pm-8pm (EST).  Speaker: Dr. Yuri Miyamoto (Hitotsubashi University, Japan).

People all around the world may generally want to increase positive emotions. However, the extent to which people engage in such pro-positive emotion regulation may differ across individuals and cultures due to their beliefs about positive emotions.  Specifically, Easterners tend to hold dialectical beliefs about positive emotions, which may lead them more likely to lessen strong positive emotions compared to Americans. Furthermore, dialectical beliefs about emotions may also influence health implications of emotions. In this talk, I will introduce our studies that examine how cultural differences in beliefs about positive emotions guide emotion regulation strategies and their mental and physical health implications.  

Target audience: All current students in JPN courses.  Lecture will be English