Fall 2018 courses in East Asian Studies

Tuesday, Apr 10, 2018

Selection of East Asian Courses to be taught in Fall 2018.

Subject to change.  Consult Registrar's site for most up-to-date information.

Fall 2018 EAS final courses

  • Japanese Society and Culture (Amy Borovoy)
  • Chinese Martial Arts Classics: Fiction, Film, Fact (Pieter Keulemans)
  • Japan's Media Mix: Anime/Cinema/Gaming (Franz Prichard)
  • Nomadic Empires: From the Confederation to the Mongol Conquest (Xin Wen)
  • Postwar Japanese Narrative: Modern to Postmodern (Atsuko Ueda)
  • North Korean Imaginaries (Steven Chung)
  • Intellectual History of China to the 5th Century (Willard Peterson)
  • East Asian Humanities I: The Classical Foundations (Anna Shields)
  • 20th Century Japan (Sheldon Garon)
  • China, 1950 to Present (Janet Chen)
  • Medicine and Society in China (He Bian)