High-Versity Day event at Princeton University with Democracy Prep Bronx High and Korean Education Center in New York

Oct. 18, 2022

Collaboration between higher education institutions and K–12 schools leads to pedagogical innovation.  This work allows for the connection of language learning with experiential learning, while building new community partnerships.  This event was generously funded by the AATK Regional Event Support Grant  and the EAS Program.

The Korean language program, led by Ho Jung Choi at Princeton, organized the High-Versity Day event. This is the first outreach program to promote equity and inclusion and build partnerships with a local K–12 Korean-language program. Fifty-three high school students currently learning Korean at Democracy Prep Bronx High, visited Princeton University and participated in a variety of Korean cultural experiences in real-life context.

  • Tour of the East Asian Studies at Princeton University
  • Hanbok (traditional Korean clothes) experience
  • Korean folk painting (Chaekgaodo, Books and Things)
  • Cultural immersion through virtual reality 360' videos 
  • K-pop dance class (ft. KoKo Pops Princeton)


High-versity Group Photo