Thomas Conlan's "Kings in All but Name: The Lost History of Ouchi Rule in Japan 1350-1569" now available on Oxford Academic

March 25, 2024
CONLAN Kings in All but Name free chapter

Chapter 1, "The Origins of the Ōuchi," from Thomas D. Conlan's latest book Kings in All but Name: The Lost History of Ouchi Rule in Japan, 1350-1569, is free to read until April 25, 2024 on the Oxford University Press website.

This chapter discusses the Korean origins of the Ōuchi as specialists in mining and explains how they emigrated to Japan and settled in the west. It shows how different lineages settled in distinct regions and relied on rituals and religious patronage to assert their supremacy and also provides an overview of star worship, most specifically devoted to the deity Myōken, and explains how each competing lineage patronized distinctive cultic sites and destroyed those of their rivals. Finally, this chapter recounts the rise of the settlement in a place called Ōuchi by the weakest lineage of the three lineages and shows how their prospects were damaged by political turmoil in the 1330s.