Wei Gong awarded PCLS Summer Fellowship

Tuesday, Apr 23, 2019

Congratulations to Wei Gong, Lecturer of East Asian Studies (Chinese language), for being awarded a fellowship grant from the Princeton Center for Language Study for her project "Categorized video compilation for intermediate-advanced Chinese learners."  The Fellowship allows lecturers to develop a novel project tied to their language curriculum.

Wei Gong of the Department of East Asian Studies will be working on compiling video clips for Intermediate-Advanced Chinese students.  Gong will reorganize and edit existing video captures, and then create new videos to add to the collection.  She will also then compose introductory texts for the videos, add subtitles to them, make vocabulary lists, discussion topics, and exercise questions, all to make the collection categorized and easy for any other instructor to search through and draw from.  All of this will be compiled on to a Weebly or Wix website.