Statecraft and Classical Learning: The Rituals of Zhou in East Asian History

Statecraft and classical learning : the Rituals of Zhou in East Asian history

Statecraft and Classical Learning: The Rituals of Zhou in East Asian History 

Edited by: Benjamin A. Elman and Martin Kern

Publisher: Leiden; Boston: Brill

ISBN 978-9004177499

Statecraft and Classical Learning is devoted to the Rituals of Zhou, one of the ancient Chinese Classics. In addition to its canonical stature in classical learning, the massive text was of unique significance to the pre-modern statecraft of China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam where it served as the classical paradigm for government structure and was often invoked in movements of political reform. The present volume, with contributions from twelve leading North American, European, and East Asian scholars, is the first in any language to illuminate the Rituals in both dimensions. It presents a multi-faceted and fascinating picture of the life of the text from its inception some two millennia ago to its modern political and scholarly discourse.

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