The Cambridge History of Japan, Volume 5: The Nineteenth Century

The Cambridge History of Japan, Vol. 5: The Nineteenth CenturyThe Cambridge History of Japan, Volume 5: The Nineteenth Century

Author: Marius B. Jansen

Publisher: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (1989)

ISBN: 978-0521223560

This volume in The Cambridge History of Japan provides the most comprehensive account available in any Western language of Japan's transformation from a feudal society to a modern nation state. Volume 5 traces the roots and the course of political, social, and institutional change that took place in Japan from late Tokugawa times to the early twentieth century. The interrelated collection of authoritative and analytical essays by specialists in the history of nineteenth century Japan discuss the fissures in late feudal society, the impact of and response to the Western world, the overthrow of the shogunal government, and the revolutionary changes that were instituted as defensive measures to strengthen the country against what seemed a dangerous competition with the Western world.

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