Cultural Atlas of Japan

Cultural Atlas of JapanCultural Atlas of Japan

Authors: Martin Collcutt, Marius Jansen, and Isao Kumakura

Publisher: Oxford: Phaidon

ISBN: 978-0816019274

The Cultural Atlas series combines intellectual depth and visual richness as it distills and synthesizes an enormous amount of information. Weaving together geography, history, archaeology, anthropology, architecture, the arts, and more, these handsomely designed, interdisciplinary volumes encompass the entire physical and cultural world of each civilization, evoking its unique spirit and vitality.Designed to appeal to both the serious student and the more casual reader, the Cultural Atlas series is written with authority and clarity. Panoramic in scope, these volumes provide an overview of places and peoples through the centuries and are illustrated throughout with hundreds of striking and informative photographs and drawings.From the Ice Age to the Atomic Age, this volume provides a concise account of centuries of complexity and conflict, thought and tradition.

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