Andrew Watsky

Professor of Art and Archaeology. Director, Program in East Asian Art and Archaeology. Director, P.Y. and Kinmay W. Tang Center for East Asian Art
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2N-6 Green Hall

Andrew M. Watsky teaches courses in the history of Japanese art and specializes in his research in the Momoyama period (1568–1615). Mr. Watsky's publications examine such issues as how meaning is expressed in Japanese art, the role of the sacred in the Momoyama period, and the tea ritual. His book, Chikubushima: Deploying the Sacred Arts in Momoyama Japan, which won both the John Whitney Hall Book Prize and the Shimada Prize in 2006, examines warrior patronage of the sacred realm in the late sixteenth–early seventeenth century and, in turn, how numinous meaning was expressed in the diverse yet interconnected mediums then most highly valued.

Selected Publications
  • Chikubushima: Deploying the Sacred Arts in Momoyama Japan