Anne Wen


Born and raised on Guam, Anne '23 joined East Asian Studies in her junior fall semester. After a COVID gap year as a news reporter, she switched from the School of Public and International Affairs to East Asian Studies for the small discussion classes. She studied Japanese and researched fun films for her junior papers — one on 创造营 (Chuang 2019), an idol reality show, and another about 非诚勿扰 (If You Are the One), a dating game show. 

Outside of the classroom, Anne stays active through entrepreneurship and journalism. She co-directed Princeton TigerLaunch, a startup pitch contest, and served as the head of content for Dorm Room Fund, a student venture capital group. She's written for The Daily Princetonian and participated in Princeton Startup Immersion Program Shanghai and New York Tiger Trek, with plans to attend business school. Her EAS degree has challenged her to study the economic pivot to East Asia, and the more intimate classes free up time for extracurriculars. 

When she's not eating cookies at Murray-Dodge Café, Anne watches Chinese dramas at Tower eating club. Among her favorite memories, she considers her role as a non-singing tree in 西游记 (Journey to the West), through Princeton Chinese Theatre, a college highlight.