Fang-Yen Hsieh

Lecturer in Chinese Language
Office Phone
232 Frist Campis Center
  • Ph.D. in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, University of Cambridge (UK)
  • M.Sc. in Applied Linguistics and
    Second Language Acquisition,
    University of Oxford (UK)
  • B.A. in English, National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan)

Dr. Fang-Yen Hsieh was appointed as a Chinese Language Lecturer in the Department of East Asian Studies at Princeton University starting at Fall 2019. Prior to Princeton University, she has taught Chinese language classes at different levels in the U.K. (University of Cambridge), the U.S. (University of Mississippi) and Taiwan (National Taiwan Normal University). In 2017-2018, she was the Head of Student Counseling Division at Mandarin Training Center (MTC) of National Taiwan Normal University. Dr. Hsieh’s research interests include Chinese linguistics, second language syntax acquisition, and second language learner strategies. She was awarded MOST Young Scholar Fellowship by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan in February 2019. She also worked for Princeton in Beijing (PiB) as a head instructor in Summer 2019, overseeing teacher hiring and training.


Selected Publications

Chen, C., Lin, T. & *Hsieh, F. (2023). Non-structural Factors Affecting Interpretations of the Simplex Reflexive Ziji and the Complex Reflexive Taziji in L1 Chinese. Journal of Cognitive Science, 24(4), 497-538. (Corresponding Author)

Du, H., Chen, C. & *Hsieh, F. (2022). Factors affecting English-speaking learners’ acquisition of Chinese relative clauses with demonstrative classifier phrases. Chinese as a Second Language Research11(1), 1-31. (Corresponding Author)

Ducote-Clark, C. & Hsieh, A. F-Y. (2018). Effects of Learning Chinese as a Second Language on Mental Representations of Time in English Native Speakers. Journal of Chinese Language Teaching15(4), 35-66.

Hsieh, A. F-Y. & Lee, M. K. (2014). The evolution of elicited imitation: Syntactic priming comprehension and production task. Applied linguistics35(5), 595-600.

Hsieh, A. F-Y. (2014). The effect of cultural background and language proficiency on the use of oral communication strategies by second language learners of Chinese. System45, 1-16.