Gian Duri Rominger

Chinese History
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  • M.A. in Sinology from the University of Zurich
  • B.A. in Sinology from the University of Zurich

Gian Rominger studies early Chinese intellectual and cultural history, particularly the interplay of religion and philosophy during the late Warring States and early imperial era. He is also keen on exploring this field through excavated material - for instance, his M.A. thesis examines a recently discovered manuscript, which focuses on dream divination and dates to the time of China's first empire in the 3rd century BCE, and its broader implications on the conception of death and illness. Before joining the Ph.D. program in East Asian Studies at Princeton in fall 2017, Gian earned both his B.A. (2013) and M.A. (2016) in Sinology from the University of Zurich, and also spent some time as an exchange student in Wuhan and Heidelberg.