Jacqueline Stone

Professor of Religion, Emeritus
Office Phone
249 1879 Hall
  • B.A. from San Francisco State University 
  • Graduate degrees from UCLA
  • Ph.D. completed 1990

Associate Professor of Japanese Religions, teaches Buddhism and Japanese Religions in the Religion Department. Her interests include medieval Japanese Buddhism, where she has focused on the Tendai, Nichiren, and Pure Land schools, as well as issues in the reinterpretation of tradition in modern Japanese Buddhism.

She is the author of Original Enlightenment and the Transformation of Medieval Japanese Buddhism (1999) and is currently researching a study to be titled "Right Thoughts at the Last Moment: Deathbed Practices in Medieval Japan."

Her regular undergraduate courses at Princeton include "Religion in Japanese Culture," "Japanese Buddhism," "Buddhist Literature," and (alternating with Professor Teiser) "The Buddhist World of Thought and Practice." She also teaches graduate seminars and reading courses on Japanese Religions.