Lili Xia

Chinese Literature

M.A. in Classical Chinese Literature from Fudan University

B.A. in Chinese Literature from Fudan University


Lili Xia is a Ph.D. candidate of premodern Chinese literature, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches and cultural history. With the current title “Claiming China against the North-South Divide: Classical Traditions and Literati Culture in the Jurchen Jin Dynasty (1115-1234),” her dissertation deals with Jin literature and art in North China as rival narratives of the mainstream Southern Song literary history. Her research further reveals the constructedness of China as an “intersubjective” and “intercultural” space in the Middle Period (900-1300 CE). Her research interests also include cultural memory projected in Chinese literature, issues of antiquarianism, classicism and canonization, transmediality between poetry and painting, social networks of the literati community, as well as print and material culture.