Recent PhDs: Unless updated, students are listed with their initial placements after their completion of the PhD program 

For more in-depth graduate alumni profiles (EAS Grad Profiles)

Nick Admussen
Associate Professor of Asian Studies, Cornell University
Faculty Advisor: Perry Link
Sare Aricanli
Assistant Professor in History, Durham University (United Kingdom)
Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Elman
James Bonk
Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies and History, College of Wooster
Faculty Advisor: Susan Naquin
David Boyd
Assistant Professor of Japanese, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Faculty Advisor: Atsuko Ueda
Wiliam H. Bridges IV
Associate Professor of Japanese, University of Rochester
Faculty Advisor: Atsuko Ueda
Erin Leigh Brightwell
Associate Professor of Pre-modern Japanese Literature, University of Michigan
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Hare
Chan Yong Bu
Postdoctoral Fellow in East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University
Faculty Advisor: Steven Chung
Daniel Burton-Rose
Visiting Assistant Professor, History of Science, Technology, and the Environment, Wake Forest Unviersity
Faculty Advisor: Susan Naquin
Ying-kit Chan
Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Elman
Jue Chen
Assistant Professor: Foreign Languages and Literature, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Faculty Advisor: Martin Kern
Yuanxin Chen
Full Stack Software Developer
Deque Systems
Faculty Advisor: Martin Kern
Eno Compton
Developer Relations Engineer, Google
Faculty Advisor: Tom Hare
Claire Cooper
Visiting Assistant Professor of Modern Asian History, Sewanee The University of the South
Faculty Advisor: Federico Marcon
Kay Duffy
Assistant Professor of Premodern Sinitic Poetry, University of British Columbia
Faculty Advisor: Anna Shields
Kjell Ericson
Assistant Professor, History of Science, Faculty Fellow, Kyoto University
Faculty Advisors: Sheldon Garon and Benjamin Elman
Su Fu
Assistant Professor, School of Chinese Language and Literature at Nanjing Normal University
Faculty Advisor: Anna Shields
Megan E. Gilbert
Postdoctoral Fellow in JapanLab, University of Texas at Austin
Faculty Advisor: Thomas D. Conlan
Miyabi Goto
Assistant Professor Japan Studies, University of Kentucky
Faculty Advisor: Atsuko Ueda
Elijah Greenstein
Honorary Research Associate & Lecturer, University of British Columbia
Faculty Advisor: Sheldon Garon
Scott W. Gregory
Assistant Professor in East Asian Studies, University of Arizona
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Plaks
Yixin Gu
Assistant Professor in Classical Chinese Literature, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Faculty Advisor: Martin Kern
Jinsong Guo
Assistant Professor: Peking University, Center for Ancient/Premodern Chinese History
Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Elman
Sean Songyeol Han
Visiting Assistant Professor, St. Lawrence University
Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Elman
Soojung Han
Assistant Professor of East Asian History, Southwestern University
Faculty Advisors: Xin Wen and Nicola Di Cosmo
Kimberly Hassel
Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
Faculty Advisor: Amy Borovoy
Kaoru Hayashi
Assistant Professor of Premodern Japanese Literature, University of Arizona
Faculty Advisors : Richard Okada and Brian Steininger
Yingtian He
Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University
Faculty Advisor: He Bian
Michael Hunter
Associate Professor of East Asian Languages & Literatures, Yale University
Faculty Advisors: Willard Peterson and Martin Kern
Qinyuan Lei
Assistant Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology
Independent Filmmaker
Faculty Advisor: Atsuko Ueda
Yiyi Luo
Assistant Professor, School of Literature, Capital Normal University, Beijing
Faculty Advisor: Anna Shields
Ziyao Ma
Faculty Advisors: Benjamin Elman and He Bian
Christopher Mayo
Professor in Communication, Kōgakkan University (Japan)
Faculty Advisor: Martin Collcutt
Thomas Mazanec
Assistant Professor of Pre-modern Chinese Literature and Cultural Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Faculty Advisors: Anna Shields and Stephen Teiser
Juergen Paul Melzer
Professor, Yamanashi Gakuin University (Japan)
Faculty Advisor: Sheldon Garon
Magnus Ribbing Gren
Postdoctoral Scholar: Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica (Taipei)
Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Elman
Sang-ho Ro
Assistant Professor, Ewha Womans University (South Korea)
Faculty Advisor: Sheldon Garon
Marten Söderblom Saarela
Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica
Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Elman
Esther Sunkyung Klein
Lecturer in Chinese Studies, The University of Sydney
Faculty Advisor: Martin Kern
Mercedes Valmisa Oviedo
Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy at Gettysburg College
Advisors: Martin Kern and Willard Peterson
Luke Waring
Assistant Professor, Department of Asian Studies, University of Texas at Austin
Advisor: Martin Kern
Dror Weil
Assistant Professor, University of Cambridge
Advisors: Benjamin Elman and Michael Cook
Lili Xia
Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University
Faculty Advisor: Anna M. Shields
Zhiyi Yang
Associate Professor of Sinology, University of Frankfurt (Germany)
Faculty Advisor: Martin Kern
William Evan Young
Assistant Professor of History, Dickinson College
Faculty Advisor: David Howell
Xue Zhang
Assistant Professor, Reed College
Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Elman