Recent Ph.D. Placements

The initial placements of students upon the successful completion of the Ph.D. program are presented, unless subsequent updates have been made.

We cordially invite you to explore the narratives shared by our accomplished Ph.D. graduates. These insightful stories can be accessed on our dedicated webpage for Post-graduate Career Outcomes. Delve into the experiences of our esteemed alumni and gain valuable insights into their rewarding journeys beyond our graduate program.

Nick Admussen
Associate Professor of Asian Studies, Cornell University
Faculty Advisor: Perry Link
Sare Aricanli
Assistant Professor in History, Durham University (United Kingdom)
Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Elman
James Bonk
Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies and History, College of Wooster
Faculty Advisor: Susan Naquin
David Boyd
Assistant Professor of Japanese, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Faculty Advisor: Atsuko Ueda
Wiliam H. Bridges IV
Associate Professor of Japanese, University of Rochester
Faculty Advisor: Atsuko Ueda
Erin Leigh Brightwell
Associate Professor of Pre-modern Japanese Literature, University of Michigan
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Hare
Chan Yong Bu
Postdoctoral Fellow in East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University
Faculty Advisor: Steven Chung
Daniel Burton-Rose
Visiting Assistant Professor, History of Science, Technology, and the Environment, Wake Forest Unviersity
Faculty Advisor: Susan Naquin
Ying-kit Chan
Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Elman
Jue Chen
Assistant Professor: Foreign Languages and Literature, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Faculty Advisor: Martin Kern
Yuanxin Chen
Full Stack Software Developer
Deque Systems
Faculty Advisor: Martin Kern
Eno Compton
Developer Relations Engineer, Google
Faculty Advisor: Tom Hare
Claire Cooper
Visiting Assistant Professor of Modern Asian History, Sewanee The University of the South
Faculty Advisor: Federico Marcon
Kay Duffy
Assistant Professor of Premodern Sinitic Poetry, University of British Columbia
Faculty Advisor: Anna Shields
Kjell Ericson
Assistant Professor, History of Science, Faculty Fellow, Kyoto University
Faculty Advisors: Sheldon Garon and Benjamin Elman
Su Fu
Assistant Professor, School of Chinese Language and Literature at Nanjing Normal University
Faculty Advisor: Anna Shields
Megan E. Gilbert
Postdoctoral Fellow in JapanLab, University of Texas at Austin
Faculty Advisor: Thomas D. Conlan
Miyabi Goto
Assistant Professor Japan Studies, University of Kentucky
Faculty Advisor: Atsuko Ueda
Elijah Greenstein
Honorary Research Associate & Lecturer, University of British Columbia
Faculty Advisor: Sheldon Garon
Scott W. Gregory
Associate Professor in East Asian Studies, University of Arizona
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Plaks
Yixin Gu
Assistant Professor in Classical Chinese Literature, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Faculty Advisor: Martin Kern
Jinsong Guo
Assistant Professor: Peking University, Center for Ancient/Premodern Chinese History
Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Elman
Sean Song Yeol Han
Assistant Professor, The University of Alabama
Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Elman
Soojung Han
Assistant Professor of East Asian History, Southwestern University
Faculty Advisors: Xin Wen and Nicola Di Cosmo
Kimberly Hassel
Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
Faculty Advisor: Amy Borovoy
Kaoru Hayashi
Assistant Professor of Premodern Japanese Literature, University of Arizona
Faculty Advisors : Richard Okada and Brian Steininger
Yingtian He
TIAS Postdoctoral Fellow, Tsinghua University
Faculty Advisor: He Bian
Michael Hunter
Associate Professor of East Asian Languages & Literatures, Yale University
Faculty Advisors: Willard Peterson and Martin Kern
Qinyuan Lei
Assistant Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology
Independent Filmmaker
Faculty Advisor: Atsuko Ueda
Yiyi Luo
Assistant Professor, School of Literature, Capital Normal University, Beijing
Faculty Advisor: Anna Shields
Ziyao Ma
Faculty Advisors: Benjamin Elman and He Bian
Christopher Mayo
Professor in Communication, Kōgakkan University (Japan)
Faculty Advisor: Martin Collcutt
Thomas Mazanec
Associate Professor of Pre-modern Chinese Literature and Cultural Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Faculty Advisors: Anna Shields and Stephen Teiser
Juergen Paul Melzer
Professor, Yamanashi Gakuin University (Japan)
Faculty Advisor: Sheldon Garon
Magnus Ribbing Gren
Postdoctoral Scholar: Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica (Taipei)
Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Elman
Sang-ho Ro
Associate Professor, Ewha Womans University (South Korea)
Faculty Advisor: Sheldon Garon
David L. Romney
Washington University in St. Louis: Subject Librarian for East Asian Languages and Cultures
Faculty Advisor: Thomas D. Conlan
Marten Söderblom Saarela
Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica
Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Elman
Esther Sunkyung Klein
Lecturer in Chinese Studies, The University of Sydney
Faculty Advisor: Martin Kern
Mercedes Valmisa Oviedo
Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy at Gettysburg College
Advisors: Martin Kern and Willard Peterson
Luke Waring
Assistant Professor, Department of Asian Studies, University of Texas at Austin
Advisor: Martin Kern
Dror Weil
Assistant Professor, University of Cambridge
Advisors: Benjamin Elman and Michael Cook
Lili Xia
Postdoctoral Fellow, Hebrew University
Faculty Advisor: Anna M. Shields
Shengyu Yang
Faculty Advisors: Benjamin Elman and He Bian
Zhiyi Yang
Associate Professor of Sinology, University of Frankfurt (Germany)
Faculty Advisor: Martin Kern
Zhuming Yao
Swarthmore College: Visiting Assistant Professor
Faculty Advisor: Martin Kern
William Evan Young
Assistant Professor of History, Dickinson College
Faculty Advisor: David Howell
Xue Zhang
Assistant Professor, Reed College
Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Elman