Shinji Sato

University Lecturer, East Asian Studies. Director of the Japanese Language Program.
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224 Frist Campus Center
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  • Ph.D. in Anthropology and Education, Columbia University
  • M.A. in East Asian Studies, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • B.A. in Economics, Tohoku University (Japan)

Shinji Sato is the Director of the Japanese Language Program at Princeton University.  He completed his Ph.D. in anthropology and education from Teachers College, Columbia University and specializes in educational and linguistic anthropology. His works critically examine self-evident notions in Japanese language education including learning, culture, communication, competence, and creativity. He also proposes alternative classroom practices.

Sato is the co-author of several publications, including  文化、ことば、教育 [Culture, Language, and Education: Beyond Japanese “Standard”] (Akashi shoten, 2008),  社会参加をめざす日本語教育  [Japanese Language Education for the Global Citizens] (Hituzi shobo, 2011), and Rethinking Language and Culture in Japanese Education (Multilingual Metters 2014). He is currently editing books on welfare linguistics, ecological approach, and language education.  

Sato has taught Japanese at Columbia University, Harvard University, HIF (Hokkaido International Foundation), and Middlebury College Summer Language Program.

Selected Publications
  • コミュニケーションとは何か?ポスト・コミュニカティ・ブアプローチ [What is Communication?: Post Communicative Approach]. Edited by Shinji Sato. Tokyo: Kuroshio Syuppan. 2019
  • 人類学・社会学的視点からみた過去、現在、未来のことばの教育:言語と言語教育イデオロギー[Past, Present, and Future of Language Education from Anthropological and Sociological Points of View: Ideologies on Language and Language Education]. Edited by Shinji Sato and Akiko Murata. Tokyo: Sangensha. 2018
  • かかわることば:参加し対話する教育へのいざない [Engaging Language: An Invitation to Dialogic Education and Research] Edited by Shinji Sato and Yutaka Sayeki. Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press. 2017.          
  • 未来を創ることばの教育をめざして:批判的内容重視の言語教育の理論と実践 [Language Education for Social Future: Critical Content-Based Instruction(CCBI)]. Edited by Shinji Sato, Tomoko Takami, Uichi Kamiyoshi, and Yuri Kumagai. Tokyo: Koko Syuppan. 2015.