Suhyun Ahn

Korean Cultural Studies
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B.A. in Philosophy and International Literary and Visual Studies from Tufts University

Suhyun Ahn is interested in the notion of a body and related issues, such as gender, sexuality, and death. Specifically, Suhyun plans to explore how the understanding of a body and non-body has changed in the early and mid-twentieth century Korea and how this transformation is interwoven with various forms of creative expression.

Before joining Princeton's East Asian Studies department, Suhyun received a B.A. in philosophy and international literary and visual studies from Tufts University. In his thesis, he examined the construction of time in the North Korean ideological texts and analyzed its implication on non-reproductive sexualities through surveying cultural products. Suhyun has also been an active part of the contemporary Korean literary scene as a translator and editor.