Suhyun Ahn

Contemporary East Asia
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B.A. in Philosophy and International Literary and Visual Studies from Tufts University

Suhyun Ahn is interested in the philosophical analysis of (neo-)Confucianism, especially concerning social and political concepts. While Song, Ming, and Choson-period Confucianism is his theoretical focus, he also enjoys thinking about how Confucianism has been used in the 20th and 21st century East Asia in order to justify or reject certain forms of government or political system. In so doing, Suhyun aims to stay attentive to historical and cultural contexts as a budding cultural studies scholar.

 In his spare time, Suhyun follows contemporary Korean politics and translates Korean poetry. He is currently working on Kim Hyun's poetry anthology Glory Hole, which will be published by the Seagull Books.