Xi'an Annie Guo

Visiting Fellow, East Asian Studies.
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201B Jones Hall
  • Ph. D in Comparative Literature, Fudan University
  • M.A. in Comparative Literature, Fudan University
  • B.A. in Philosophy, Fudan University

Xi’an Guo 郭西安is Associate Professor at the Center for Comparative Literature and World Literature, Shanghai Normal University. Her research interests include: comparative poetics, critical theories, and comparative classical studies. She primarily works on discursive analysis of the Chinese Classics in interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives, meta-study of Sinology with methodological/theoretical reflections. She also serves as executive editor of International Comparative Literature (formerly known as Cowrie).

Professor Guo’s current research at Princeton will be mainly directed to the examination of contemporary American Sinological works concerning classical texts (centered on the “Five Classics”) in the early imperial period. She will trace the imaginations and understandings of Ancient China’s politics, history, religion, literature, and philosophy as they are presented within and across different academic discourses. Her study aims at a deep analysis of the decoding and transcoding of the Chinese Classics in the discursive practices of contemporary American Sinologies.