Yasufumi Horikawa

Visiting Fellow
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237 Frist Campus Center

Yasufumi Horikawa received his Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology at The University of Tokyo. His specialty is the medieval history of Japan, and he is particularly interested in the 14th- century civil war and the social changes during that period. In his dissertation, he discussed the dynamic process of the reorganization of the control over the local societies by the Muromachi Bakufu, the warrior government at that time, from the 14 century to the early 15 century. He focused on the movement of local authorities and the Bakufu’s regional governments, which were intermediaries of the state and the region. His most recent works explore the political relationship between the Bakufu and its peripheral areas. He has worked at the Historiographical Institute, The University of Tokyo, where he has been engaged in compilation and publication of Japanese historical materials concerning pre-modern Japan.