Yiyi Luo

Chinese Literature
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  • M.A. in Asian Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder
  • B.A. in Chinese Literature at Fudan University

Yiyi Luo completed her BA in Chinese Literature at Fudan University in 2008 and her M.A. in Asian Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder, in 2011. Her research interests are medieval Chinese literature and history, with a primary focus on medieval Chinese poetry. She is also interested in the court culture and religions in early medieval and medieval China.

Yiyi Luo’s MA thesis explores the complexity of intertextuality in medieval Chinese literature by examining various motifs and tropes related to Mount Beimang, a well-known graveyard since the Eastern Han dynasty, in different types of medieval Chinese poetry. Informed by similar issues related to intertextuality and the interrelation between literature and religion, her dissertation focuses on the poet Yu Xin (513-581) and considers the ways in which literature attributed to him gives rise to a diverse body of poetic voices and yet how one specific authorial image of him was chosen and became dominant in later ages. Her research investigates the relation between poetry, literary criticism, and religion in medieval China.

Yiyi Luo completed her General Examination at Princeton in 2015 in the following fields: Medieval Chinese Literature from the 3rd to the 9th Century (Prof. Wang, Ping), Early Chinese Literature (Prof. Martin Kern), and Chinese Buddhism (Prof. Stephen Teiser).