Award-Winnning Senior Thesis Prizes

Thesis Prize and Past Award-Winning Theses

The best theses are eligible for two prizes, the EAS Department’s Marjorie Chadwick Buchanan Prize and the EAS Program’s Leigh Buchanan Bienen and Henry S. Bienen Prize. These are adjudicated by committees, appointed by the EAS Program Director and EAS Department Chair respectively, who read the theses as well as the relevant adviser’s and reader’s reports to make their final evaluations. Only theses that cite a number of East Asian language sources will be considered for the annual EAS Department Thesis Prize. Such theses will also be considered for the annual EAS Program Thesis Prize. No student can win both prizes. 


This prize, originally established by the Class of '44, and now provided through the Marjory Chadwick Buchanan fund is awarded to the senior in the Department of East Asian Studies who, in the opinion of the department, submits the best thesis based, at least in part, on source materials in an Asian language.
Undergraduate prize recipients:                                            
2021 Morgana Anne McGrath    
2020 Jacob Goldberg    
2019 Sophie Wheeler    
2018 Elizabeth Maxey    
2017 Charlie Argon    
2016 Zoe Zhang    
2015 Charles T. Fortin    
2014 Mary K. Schulman    
2013 Benjamin A. Goldstein    
2012 Matthew Miller     
Richie K. Huynh
Nicole M. Leon 
2010 Katy Pinke    
2009 Julie M. Rubinger    
2008 Bianca L. Bosker    
2007 Christopher M. Sedgwick     
2006 Robert A. Kennelly    
2005 Daniel M. Rakove    
2004 Brian P. Skerratt    
2003 Celeste L. Powell    
Thomas Tso (co-winner)
Katherine Thornton Buzicky (co-winner) 
2001 Brandon D. Miller    
2000 Chen-Ee Lee    
1999 Renee Yuen-Jan Hsia    
Kara M. Wortman (co-winner)
Russell C. Moench (co-winner) 
1997 Christina Lee    
1996 Sarah E. Teasley    
1995 Alex B. Clavel    
Ann Teresa Collins
Trevor Coolidge Corson 
1993 Erica Brindley    
Tram Ngoc Nguyen (co-winner)
Christopher Thomas Harrison (co-winner) 
Marc Evans Knapper (co-winner)
Katherine Heather Rupp (co-winner) 
1990 Christopher A. Prindl    
Melinda Marie Sarafa
Leo Kwok-yueh Shin 
Robin Beth Wagner (co-winner)
Deborah Ann McEvoy (co-winner)
Amy Jean Mayer (co-winner) 
1987 Naomi J. Williams    
Jeffrey Scott Richter (co-winner)
Leila Stott Philip (co-winner) 
Robert Craig Bruce (co-winner)
Marcis Lynn Ellis (co-winner) 
1984 No awards    
1983 Thomas Charles Wexler    
1982 Nyr Indictor    
Seth James Masters (co-winner)
Ivan David Zimmerman (co-winner) 
Tibor M. Baranski, Jr. (co-winner)
Ida Wong (co-winner) 
Stephen Piper Harder (co-winner)
Janis Mara Michael (co-winner) 
1978 Gary LaBar    
Patricia Lee Cuyler
Anita Fajans 
Howard Curtis
J. Peter Stern
Reid Whitlock 
Thomas W. Hare
Stephen O. Huff 
1974 Arthur H. Thornhill, III    
Ian Kideo Levy
Kevin A. O’Connor 

LEIGH BUCHANAN BIENEN AND HENRY S. BIENEN  Senior Thesis Prize in the East Asian Studies Program

The Leigh Buchanan Bienen and Henry Bienen thesis prize is open to students majoring in any department of the University including EAS who submit a thesis on an East Asian topic. The thesis must be based on extensive and appropriate sources in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean as well as Western language materials.
Undergraduate prize recipients:
2021 Isabelle Chandler  
2020 Brandon Mintzer  
2019   Austin Berman  
2018   Logan Sander     
2017   Jin Yun Chow (co-winner)
            Do-Hyeong Myeong (co-winner)
2016   Tram-Anh Nguyen  
2015   Katherine Clifton  
2014   You Jin (Jenna) Song  
2013   Aaron Nathan Glasserman  
2012   Erica Zendell  
2011   Man Yee (Mandy) Lee  
2010   Mark Z. Jia  
2009   Katie E. Ko  
2008   Danny A. Samits  
2007   Grace Jiae Kim  
2006   Serene Hung