Study Abroad

The Department of East Asian Studies (EAS) encourages majors, certificate students, and non-majors to pursue overseas study in East Asia. EAS runs language-intensive summer programs in Chinese and Japanese through Princetion in Beijing and Princeton in Ishikawa (Japan) and Princeton in Korea. An expanded list of approved language programs in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese is listed on the website.  

Credit Approval for Concentrators

EAS Concentrators should make an appointment as soon as they start thinking about study abroad with the Office of International Programs, and also with EAS Director of Undergraduate Studies, so that an academic program can be planned. Credit will only be given for courses that are equivalent to those taught at Princeton.


EAS will accept up to two courses toward departmentals (one of which must be a cognate). Students are encouraged to pursue intensive summer language instruction in order to accelerate their language preparation (typically in an 8-10 week intensive program). If you have questions about which program to attend, discuss your options with your language teacher.


For students going abroad for a semester, EAS will accept up to two courses toward departmentals (one of which must be a cognate).


For students going abroad for a year, EAS will accept up to four courses toward departmentals (two of which must be cognates).

Credit Approval for Non-Concentrators

Courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean studies offered abroad may be approved for transfer credit by the EAS Director of Undergraduate Studies. Students should first meet with a Study Abroad Adviser in the Office of International Program. In order for an outside course to be approved, it needs to be equivalent in quality and intensity to what we offer at Princeton. Approval must be granted before the semester/summer abroad. Please provide a complete course description and syllabus when seeking approval from the DUS.

Questions for all study abroad approvals can be directed to EAS Undergraduate Program Administrator, Anna Lovett ([email protected]).