Chinese Language Studies

For additional info:

The Chinese Language Program currently offers five levels of instruction. The normal sequence for beginners wishing to learn Chinese is CHI 101/102, 105/107, which satisfies the university foreign language requirement.

The summer program, Princeton in Beijing, offers second-year to fifth-year Chinese language courses.

Students who wish to place out of the foreign language requirement need to take the Chinese Placement Test to prove that their Chinese proficiency is above the second-year level (CHI 107). Currently we do not accept SAT II or AP scores.

Students wishing to continue their Chinese language study who have studied elsewhere before coming to Princeton have to take the placement test to be placed in the appropriate level.

The online Chinese Placement Test will be opened in the summer. 

The Chinese language program at Princeton is tailored to accommodate both beginning students and those who have familiarly with the language. The Princeton-in-Beijing program offers courses in the summer and a student can complete the equivalent of one year of instruction during this program.

Normally students electing a beginner's course in any language will receive credit only if two terms are completed.

Typically, a student with no experience would take the following courses:
Year 1: Fall Semester: CHI 101 / Spring Semester CHI 102
Year 2: Fall Semester: CHI 105 / Spring Semester CHI 107
Year 3: Fall Semester: CHI 303 / Spring Semester CHI 305
Year 4: Fall Semester: CHI 403 / Spring Semester CHI 404

A student with some language experience takes the equivalent of two language years in the first academic year.
Year 1 and 2: Fall Semester: CHI 103 / Spring Semester: CHI 108
Year 3: Fall Semester: CHI 305 / Spring Semester: CHI 306
Year 4: Fall Semester: CHI 405 / Spring Semester: CHI 406

There are two Chinese language tables each week:

  • Wednesday from 5:00 - 6:00 PM EST in FRIST 309 and 
  • Thursday from 5:00 - 6:00 PM EST in FRIST 228

For questions about the language tables and/or the Zoom link contact Ms. Yu Zhang.